TIPCONS (The Innovation Point Consulting) is a professional body specialised in the provision of consulting and upskilling programs and services for the digital age. By 2030, as many as 375 million workers—roughly 14% of the global workforce—need to change their skills and occupational categories to be able to adapt to digital transformation. We help organisations incorporate innovation into everything they do to keep up with the rapid developments taking place in the business world.

Upskilling for high impact in the digital age. Because the process of learning, unlearning and re-learning is inevitable, and only effective leadership can make the process sustainable.– Dr Sharif Bajo

Emotional Intelligence in Our Daily Live

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify, understand and manage our emotions in order to create balance, facilitate better communication and maintain healthy relationships. In other words, emotional intelligence impacts almost every interaction that we have and has an enormous impact on our self-esteem.

The most crucial part of emotional intelligence self-awareness. We have to be aware of our own emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness brings self-understanding and a clearer comprehension of our goals.

Empathy is a key part of emotional intelligence. To be able to feel for others and understand their situation offers us deeper insights into their thinking and behaviour. This in turn helps us to become skillful at treating people according to their emotional reactions.